1. Introduction

Stacker is one of the important cargo storage equipment in the automated warehouse. The lifting weight of the stacker is generally below 4t, and the operating height is generally between 10 and 40m.

According to the structure, it is divided into: single / double column type stacker. According to the running trajectory, it is divided into: straight travel, turning type and turnout type. It is mainly composed of frame, walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, cargo platform, fork, safety protection device and electrical equipment.

2. Product Features

The stacker is equipped with an anti-sway device, which is more accurate in positioning; using high-strength steel, the weight of the stacker is reduced to a higher limit, which is more energy-efficient; the operating speed of the stacker is 300 meters / minute, and the efficiency is higher.

3. Product specifications and technical parameters

Serial numberNameSpecifications and parameters
1Rated lifting weight (kg)500-4000
2Horizontal running speed (m / min)4-300
3Vertical lifting speed (m / min)4-85
4Fork deepening speed (m / min)4-60
5Positioning accuracy (mm)Level H + 3; fork F + 3
6Acceleration (m / s2)Horizontal: H; Vertical: V1.3; Fork: FO.4
7How to get electricitySliding contact line / contactless power supply
8Operation modeStraight / Turn / Turnout