Congratulations to Dongjie Intelligent for winning the bid of F & N Dairy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s aut
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Dongjie Intelligent announced on March 18: Shanxi Dongjie Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. recently received a bid notification from F & N Dairies (Thailand) Ltd. (F & N Dairy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), which confirmed Dongjie Intelligent Won the bidder for the design, installation, and commissioning of the F & N Dairies (Thailand) Rojana distribution center automated intelligent warehouse distribution system. The total amount of bids for this project was 286 million baht, which is approximately RMB 62,346,800.

F & N Dairies (Thailand) Company Limited (F & N Dairy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) was established on February 1, 2007 and is a leading company in the food and beverage industry in Thailand, Indonesia and China. The company's main products are milk, beverages, condensed milk and juice. Well-known brands such as Bear Sterilized Milk, Gold Bear Milk, T-POT Brand, UHT Brand Milk, F & N Magnolia Malt Milk, F & N Magnolia Good Morning and F & N Magnolia Good Night Milk Drinks, etc., are popular in the Asian market. F & N Dairies (Thailand) Ltd. (F & N Dairy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) is affiliated with F & NHB. Founded in 1883, F & NHB is one of the beverage manufacturers and distributors with a long history and huge scale in Southeast Asia. Its beverages, condensed milk, milk and fruit juices occupy market leadership in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. The products are exported to 68 countries including Europe, North America, North and South America, Middle East, Africa and Canada. Listed on the Bursa Main Board of Malaysia in 1996.

With the mission of 'brilliant national industry and strong manufacturing in China', Dongjie Intelligence has always been committed to the development of the international market. The smooth implementation of this project will further enhance Dongjie Intelligence's international competitiveness and has important strategic significance for the development of the Southeast Asian market.

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