Warm congratulations to Dongjie Smart for winning a 190 million yuan order from Weimar Automobile
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Dongjie Smart announced on February 10: The company's wholly-owned subsidiary Changzhou Hayden Sets Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. won the bid for the project located in Hengyang Hongdian New Energy Industrial Park, and signed a smart coating with Weimar Automotive Technology (Hengyang) Co., Ltd. Installed production equipment general contract project contract, the total contract value of 190 million yuan. Dongjie Intelligent will provide Weimar Automobile Technology (Hengyang) Co., Ltd. with the manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation and commissioning, training, accompanying production and after-sales service of intelligent coating production equipment. The agreed mass production time is June 30, 2021. day.

Weimar Automobile Technology (Hengyang) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Weimar Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd. Weimar Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic provider of new energy travel solutions. The signing of this contract helps to further promote the company's smart coating The expansion of the business in the new energy vehicle industry has consolidated the company's leading position in the industry.

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