Warm congratulations to Dongjie Intelligent Consortium for winning the bid of about 280 million acad
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Dongjie Intelligent Announcement on April 7: Shanxi Dongjie Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. recently received a bid notification from the Affairs Bureau of Shanxi Province, which confirmed Shanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.-Shanxi Dongjie Intelligent Logistics The consortium of Equipment Co., Ltd. is the winning bidder of the Taiyuan City School Intelligent Parking Building and supporting construction franchise project. The estimated total investment of the project is about 280 million yuan.

Dongjie Smart successfully won the bid by virtue of its strong strength, technical knowledge in the field of smart parking and rich project experience, which is another major achievement of Dongjie Smart's intensive work in the field of smart parking, which will enhance the influence and promotion of Dongjie Smart brand. The continued expansion of the smart parking business is of great significance.

On March 31, the foundation laying activity of the school's smart parking building franchise project was held as scheduled. The standing committee and deputy governor of Shanxi Province Hu Yuting announced the start of the project. The deputy secretary general of Shanxi Provincial Government Han Chunlin presided over the start of the ceremony. Member representatives attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


Figure 1: Wang Jiehong, general manager of Dongjie Intelligent, participated in the foundation laying of the project

On April 9th, the signing ceremony and mobilization meeting of the school's smart parking building franchise project was grandly held. Mao Yimin, director of the Affairs Bureau of the Shanxi Provincial Organs directly attended the meeting, and Wang Jiehong, general manager of Dongjie Smart attended the meeting.


Figure 2: Wang Jiehong, general manager of Dongjie Intelligent, attended the project signing ceremony

Taiyuan Xuefu Intelligent Parking Building and supporting building franchise project is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Xuefu Street, Wucheng Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City. As a new urban infrastructure construction project, BOT mode will be used to build 2 intelligent three-dimensional parking buildings and 1200 There are more than one parking space, a commercial building, a total construction area of 72,000 square meters, and the project construction period is 1 year.


Figure 3: Project renderings

After the project is completed, it will become a benchmark project in the field of smart parking in Shanxi Province. It will also lead the development of parking facilities in the province towards intensive, intelligent, efficient, and comfortable. Service has far-reaching significance.

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